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In The Weight Loss Surgery Coping Companion, I provide post-weight loss surgery patients, many of whom have a history of using overeating as a coping mechanism, with healthy new strategies for coping with challenging feelings.  I provide specific strategies for coping with emotional eating, anxiety, depression, anger, loneliness, and identity confusion- all of which are common during the post-surgery period.  Because re-gain is unfortunately a common occurrence following weight loss surgery, I provide two specific strategies for avoiding emotional eating, the Nourish Technique and the COPE Technique.  Packed with quotes from my actual weight loss surgery patients, this book allows readers to recognize that their struggles are shared by many members of the weight loss surgery community.  Readers walk away with a personalized coping guide that can be used not only during the post-surgery period, but also for a lifetime.

The Weight Loss Surgery Coping Companion is available in Kindle or paperback form at Amazon.com.  The link is below:

A Practical Guide for Coping with Post-Surgery Emotions, Second Edition

The Weight Loss Surgery Coping Companion