My Education

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My Private Practice

I utilize psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and interpersonal techniques in my practice.  In essence, I believe that positive change develops through both insight and action.  Therefore, I strive to help my clients do three things: explore how their problems developed (to prevent repetition), identify the changes they would like to make, and then determine how to put those changes into action. As I work collaboratively with my clients using this approach, they frequently report that they feel happier, more content, and more empowered.

My Approach

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Dr. Tanie Kabala

I was fortunate to receive exceptional psychotherapy training at Georgetown University, George Washington University, George Mason University, and the University of Delaware; and earned my Ph.D. in clinical psychology with honors in 2003.  I have been practicing for over ten years and have practiced in multiple settings including college and university counseling centers, community mental health centers, and private practices.

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I offer the following services at the West Chester Wellness Center:


​I offer individual therapy (for individuals aged 18 and older) and couples therapy.  My fee is $140 per session for individuals and $150 per session for couples. While I am currently not an in-network provider for health insurance companies, I will gladly assist you in seeking out-of-network benefits.

Group meditation and relaxation practices:

I lead meditation and relaxation group practices in the studio at the Wellness Center.  Please feel free to contact me regarding the times and dates of these group practices.  The cost per session is $10.

Weight loss surgery evaluations:
I provide weight loss surgery evaluations for individuals considering weight loss surgery.  The cost varies depending on your surgeon's specific evaluation requirements.  Feel free to contact me for more information.
Community education programs including:
*Healthy Coping After Weight Loss Surgery
*Mental Health Question and Answer Session
*Conquer Overeating with the NOURISH and COPE Techniques

*Meditation and Relaxation for Increased Well-being
I will also gladly create a community education program tailored to your organization's needs.  Cost is negotiable.