Dr. Tanie Kabala

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A great deal of my outreach work focuses on educating weight loss surgery patients, surgeons, and support group leaders about the emotional aspects of weight loss surgery.  Below are a few clips from my presentation "Coping After Weight Loss Surgery," which I gave to the patients and staff of the Kennedy Health System Bariatric Program in Stratford, New Jersey.

I truly love going into the community and educating people about mental-health related issues such as eating disorders, the emotional aspects of weight loss surgery, anxiety, depression, and the benefits of meditation and conscious relaxation.  Below you will find a few clips from my interview on WGTW Philadelphia's "Joy In Our Town," in which I discuss the emotional aspects of weight loss surgery, and effective treatments for binge eating disorder and bulimia nervosa.  

Videos:  Weight Loss Surgery and

Eating Disorders Outreach Programs